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Facilitating your Pursuit of Healing,
Empowerment, and Wholeness

I am a licensed psychotherapist working in private practice with adults who are experiencing a range of psychosocial issues.  In my work, I use my expertise in psychodynamic and traditional approaches as well as creative, nonverbal interventions to guide and support my clients in their pursuit of healing, empowerment, and wholeness.


My training and experience as a dance/movement psychotherapist deeply inform my practice philosophy. I use somatically oriented approaches and action modalities to move beyond words. My skills in psychodrama, yoga for depression, and mindfulness facilitate self-awareness, balance, and acceptance.

Amy R. Rakusin

Using a strengths-based model, if you choose to engage in therapy, we will collaborate to reveal and expand inherent capacities, gifts, and dreams to overcome the obstacles that limit your potential confidence and connection to others. The past will not be a place of endless analysis or wallowing. Personal history will be explored to understand fears or beliefs that may impact present functioning.


Together we will create a safe harbor to launch the exciting journey toward inner peace, well-being and aliveness.

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