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Similar to the concentric rings of a tree, our lives unfold through the years, etched by experiences that shape us. Each chapter, like a new ring, signifies growth and maturity, capturing the essence of our journey. Just as a tree carries memories in its rings, we, too, carry our successes, failures, pains, and pleasures.

Aging Consciously with Confidence & Self-Compassion

Moving from the tasks of midlife to the treasures of later life is a time of profound transition. Becoming an elder beckons a myriad of questions: How do I face my mortality? What is unfinished? What will be my legacy for my family and future generations? What service calls me now? What psychological, emotional, and spiritual qualities need nourishment? Integrating spirituality and psychology, we will explore these and other inquiries, embracing elderhood with grace and gratitude.

Our work together honors and holds sacred the courageous journey of aging. We will tap your inner wisdom and spirit to nourish your ongoing growth. I extend a hand to you—together, we will cross the transformational threshold to the next season of your life.

Offering an alternative approach to emotional health that goes beyond talk therapy.

I have been practicing psychotherapy for over thirty-five years both in organizational settings and private practice. My expertise is in somatic-based, heart-centered, creative modalities that incorporate and integrate mind-body-spirit. 


Based on a resiliency model, my current practice aims to assist those in the second half of life who want to age consciously, encounter their fears with courage, breathe into the losses, and find peace with what is next. 

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